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HKMU Alumni Association

HKMU Alumni Association

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) was established in 1997. HKMU is a private chartered and accredited University. Since its first graduation in 2003, the University has accumulated approximately 900 graduates in various traditional programmes. Although the University enjoys a substantial number of graduates who can be beneficial to the University, HKMU has not been able to establish an Alumni Association for its graduates to date. It is now a high time that HKMU should initiate the process of establishing her Alumni Association so as to tap the benefits of its fruits.

Advantages of Establishing Alumni Association:
As a private University, Alumni association may benefit the alumni, the institution, the faculty and the current students in many different ways.
• The Alumni association helps the Alumni Connect with their batch mates.
• It helps the Alumni to get updates from their University.
• It allows Alumni to talk to the faculty of their institution.
• The alumni Association helps them to find their schoolmates across the world.
• It also provides opportunities for professional growth and social interaction.
• Events can also be organised such as reunions etc for the Alumni.
• Alumni can participate to University decision making units as well as social events.

The Alumni association also benefits the institution in many ways:-
• It creates Brand Recognition for the institution.
• Can be used to generate income and create jobs e.g. creating income generating activities.
• Placements can be organised with the help of the Alumni which help the current students.
• The Alumni Association helps to generate additional income with the help of which the institution can help needy students and will also work as goodwill for the institution.
• Alumni network can be used as source of new students, consultancy and research activities.
• Alumni networks can also used to loosen red tapes from various dealings of the University staff and students.
• Career guidance can be offered to the current students by the Alumni.

Rationale for Establishing Alumni Association
The rationale for establishing Alumni association is provided under the HKMU Charter 2010.  Part VI of the Charter provides provision for establishing Convocation, Alumni and Staff Associations. Under Article 46 (4) of the HKMU Charter, the Council may approval the establishment of an Alumni Association of the University or discipline based alumni associations whose affairs shall be guided by its/their constitution(s) which shall be subject to the approval of the Council including the amendments thereof.

Article 46(5) states that An Alumni Association of the University whose establishment has been approved under sub-rule (4) shall have a right to transmit its resolutions to the Owner, the Council and the Senate and may exercise other functions and enjoy any such privileges as rules may provide.

Objectives of the HKMU Alumni Association:
In line with the stipulations of the Universities Act and the University Charter, the Association shall:
a) assist the University in attaining and maintaining a high level of academic excellence;
b) help in promoting the image of the University;
c) promote the Association nationally and internationally thereby ensuring its growth and survival;
d) engage in a concerted effort at fundraising in order to enhance the financial position of the University;
e) promote unity of purpose among Alumni through constant contact with all Alumni countrywide by establishing branches in various regions and foreign countries;
f) participate in the Council of HKMU and any matter referred by it;
g) serve as a forum for alumni;
h) serve as an effective communication and information instrument amongst members, and between members and the University;
i) support the University in attaining its strategic goals and objectives; and
j) liaise with alumni associations and convocations of other tertiary institutions.

• Ordinary members – All graduates of the HKMU, and Academic Staff.
Members will need to subscribe for membership.
• Honorary members – As will be deemed necessary by the Executive committee
• Corporate members – As will be deemed necessary by the Executive committee

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HKMU Alumni Association

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