University - Occasional Students

Occasional Students (Electives)

Non-members of the University, who wish to carry out elective period attachments at HKMU, may be admitted to part of the course for up to one course sub-unit, subject to approval of the Dean of the Faculty, and Chairperson of the department concerned, and upon payment of the prescribed fees. Such persons are not eligible to take University Examinations.

Application Procedures for Electives
Interested applicants should send a letter of intent to do his/her elective at HKMU, with the following attachments:
- A letter of introduction from the current University or College;
- Curriculum Vitae;
- Photographs (2 passport size), and
- A summary of the objectives of the proposed electives.

Once applications are accepted, students should process visas from their own country, and arrange for a medical insurance cover.
On arrival, they will be required to pay an elective fee of US$150, for four weeks of study duration.

The University will help students acquire residence permits (preferably, this should be done well in advance, although assistance will also provided on their arrival). Documents required for permit are:
- Photocopy of their passport;
- CV;
- Birth Certificate;
- Letter of introduction from their respective Universities;
- Duly filled immigration forms;
- Five passport size photographs; and
- A residence permit fee of US$120.

Concerning accommodation, students may opt to use University accommodation (subject to hostel room vacancy), or may arrange for his/her own accommodation. If the student opts for the University hostel, he/she will be required to bring his/her own bed-sheets. Charges for hostel accommodation are US$ 5 per night. On arrival, the student is required to foot transport costs from his/her point of entry, being airport or up-country bus stands.
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