University - Examinations and Awards

Examination Instruction to Invigilators and Students

1. Examinations will usually be conducted in two sessions daily. The Morning Examinations will start at 09:00hrs (, while the Afternoon Examinations will start at 14:00hrs (02:00pm). A University-wide master time table, and Semester specific timetables, will be pinned on all venues and notice boards for further information.

2. Invigilators must collect examination papers from the examinations office, 30 minutes before the examination starting time.

3. Students should report at the Examination Venue 30 minutes before the Examination starting time: i.e. 08:30 hrs for the Afternoon Examinations, and 13:30 hrs for the Afternoon Examinations. Venues for written examinations will usually be shown on the master timetable. Laboratories will be Venues for Practical. Venue for Orals will be communicated in good time.

4. Students must be seated at their located positions 15 minutes before Examination Starting Time i.e. 08:45 hrs for the Morning Examinations, and 13:45 hrs for the Afternoon Examination.

- Between 08:45-08:59 or 13:45-13:59: When all students are seated at their located positions:

- Seals on envelopes containing examination papers, will be verified by two students (by signing) and envelopes will be opened.

- At this time no (late) student will be allowed to enter the examination room, even if they have a genuine reason.

- Papers will be distributed to seated students by Invigilators.

- Students will be given 5 minutes to read through the papers and seek any clarifications.

- Invigilators (assisted by examiners) will make corrections and clarify on any matters raised by students. Examiners (who are not invigilating) may leave after clarifications have been made.

- Students will not be allowed to write anything during this time.

- One minute before the examination start time, students who were not seated y 08:45 or 13:45, (i.e. late / waiting outside), may be allowed into the examination room if the invigilator (s) is (are) convinced that they had genuine reasons.

5. No student will be admitted into the examination room 15 minutes, after the examination has started.

6. Examination (writing) must start and end on time (sharp) as indicated by instructions on the examination papers.

7. Note that UNAUTHORIZED MATERIALS INCLUDING any kind of papers, MOBILE PHONES, and PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANTS (PDA’S) OR ANY OTHER ELECTRONIC GADGETS, should not be brought into the Examination Rooms. CALCULATORS (one entry memory capability) may be carried during Biostatistics or any other indicated Examination.

8. Students are however allowed to carry with them: Student’s Identity Card (ID), Examination Number Card (ENC), Pens, Pencils, Rulers, and Erasers ONLY. Students will not be allowed to communicate, share or borrow Pens, Pencils, Rulers, and / or Erasers during examinations.

9. Students will need to show their ID and ENC to the Invigilator, in order to be admitted to the Examination Room. Students will not be admitted to any Examination without these two documents.

10. For students who have been barred to sit for any examination, the relevant subject code (s) will be printed at the back of the ENC. Such students should not attempt to sneak into such an examinations (s).

11. Once you are within the vicinity of/or inside the Examination Room, Silence Must be maintained.

12. Students will not be allowed to leave the examination room within the first 30 minutes from the time the examination starts, or within the last / final 30 minutes before the indicated examination end time.

13. When the examination writing time is up:-

13.1. All students will be told to stop writing and stay on their seats.

13.2. Students will be asked to count and write, in the last box at the bottom of the Examination Answer Book, the number of used pages.

13.3. The invigilators will collect the Examinations papers and Examination Answer Books from students, one starting from the back another in front, there after;

13.4. Students will proceed in an orderly manner to the invigilator’s table for signing attendance.

14. Students who finish their examinations before the last / final 30 minutes will quietly submit their scripts to the invigilator and sign attendance before going out of the examination room.

15. For any matter needing clarification students are advised to kindly make use of the invigilators.

16. Students are expected to appear NEAT in a CLEAN INIFORM.

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