Students Welfare - Sports and Culture

Students Welfare

Sports and Culture

The University sports and athletic programs offer a wonderful complement to students' academic experience. The University offers opportunities to achieve athletic and personal goals through intercollegiate athletics, club sports and intramural programs. Whether playing among themselves or competing on one of the HKMU intercollegiate teams, students of all interest and ability levels discover the benefits of an active lifestyle. Prospective students interested in the sport and athletic program and encouraged to fill out a survey.

We stress participation, growth, and a commitment to excellence at every level. Athletics at HKMU are demanding and challenging, but we emphasize that they are, first and foremost, designed to teach students the importance of teamwork, discipline, perseverance, commitment, and sportsmanship. These values support the mission of the College by helping to create a well-rounded individual, someone who possesses strong character that athletics has helped to foster.

Student-athletes at HKMU are subject to the same policies, procedures, and criteria as non-athletes, with respect to such matters as admission standards, administration of financial aid, credit-granting, progress toward and achievement of academic degrees, and transfer. HKMU operates in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the Tanzania Sport and Competition regulations and of those athletic conferences to which the Institution belongs.

Sports and Culture
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