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Procedures in the event of Death of a Student

HKMU values students as crucial and important members of her family. The Institution nurtures her students as society’s future leaders in various walks of life. HKMU believes in effective communication system amongst her various stakeholders; and also in creating an atmosphere of good harmony and cordial working relationship within the various members of her family: her students, academic staff, administrative staff, and various categories of support staff. HKMU’s Prospectus provides vital information on the dynamics of the Institution, and on various rules and regulations that serve to bring about harmony and effective information flow in the institution. The following are procedures to be followed in the event of death of a student.

The first person to be contacted

News of a student's death from any source other than the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance Planning and Administration, and Office of the Dean of a Faculty, should be sent directly to the Office of the Dean of Students. The person who delivers the news should provide details about the deceased student, including the date of death, and, where possible, the circumstances of the death.

Other important contacts

The Dean of Students will i immediately inform the following:

•The Chairpersons BOD and Council.
• The Vice Chancellor.
• The Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs.
• The Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance Planning and Administration.
• The Dean of the Faculty or the Director of Postgraduate Studies and Research Institute.
• The Marketing and Public Relations Officer.
• The University Bursar.
• The Admissions Officer.
• The Warden (if the deceased student lived in a University Hostel and if the news of the death did not originate from the University Hostel).
• The President of the Students Association.
• Chief Librarian / Book Banker.
• The Director General of the Hospital.

Who does what?
The responsibilities of the contacts listed in Section 2 are outlined below as follows:

a) The Vice Chancellor will:
• Through close contact with the Dean of Students, obtain details of the funeral arrangements and ensure that the University is represented at the funeral whenever possible.
• Assign to the Dean of Students the role of initial point of contact with the deceased student's ie immediate family.
• Advise the deceased student's family of the contact details of relevant staff at HKMU (e.g. Tutor/ Lecturer, Warden), with whom they might wish to make contact.
• In the absence of the Dean of Students, assign another person the role of initial point of contact with the deceased student's immediate family, who will advise the deceased student's family of the contact details of any other relevant staff.
• Arrange for securing and delivery of flowers on behalf of the University.

b) The DVCAC will:
• Write a letter of condolences to the deceased student's family.

c) Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance and Planning and Administration will:
• Act, in the case of international students, as a bridge between the University and the various groups and institutions likely to be involved. In view of the difficulties and sensitivities involved in dealing with cases of deaths of students from outside Tanzania, the office will establish contact and liaise with the:
o members of the deceased student's immediate family.
o relevant Embassy or High Commission.
o deceased student's sponsor or employer.

d) The Dean of the Faculty will:
• Inform all relevant staff in the Faculty of the death of a student, first contacting the Class Coordinator.
• Decide, in consultation with appropriate staff, which students need to be informed of the death in person, and make relevant arrangements.
• Deal with any requests from the family of the deceased student, to talk to particular staff, or to see the physical environment where the student studied.
• Ensure that School records are amended accordingly.

e) The Admissions Officer will:
• Issue a 'Notice of Withdrawal' from studies to appropriate sections within the University, indicating the reason for withdrawal.
• Where appropriate, inform the Student Loans Board, the Ministry concerned (e.g. Ministry of Education and Vocational Training), the Tanzania Commission of Universities, etc.
• Amend accordingly the deceased student's records held within the Admissions Office.

f) The Marketing and Public Relations Officer will:
• Prepare a statement for release to the media.
• Deal with any queries from the media about the deceased student and his/her death after consultation with the Vice Chancellor.
• Issue death notice to be circulated throughout the University notice boards.

g) The Warden will:
• Ensure appropriate communication with the police, in case a student dies at a campus hostel.
• Ensure that an appropriate member of staff is available when required, to provide the deceased student's family with access to the student's room, to collect belongings.
• Halt all accommodation-related correspondence to the student (e.g., sending accommodation fee invoices).

h) The Finance Department will:
• Halt all finance-related correspondence to the student, e.g. fee invoices.

i) The President of the Students' Association will:
• Inform other students about the death of the student.
• Liaise with various University sections, as appropriate, when students approach the students' Union for support or advice.

j) Next of Kin/Sponsor:
• Bears the costs of the funeral including buying of the coffin and transportation of the deceased body to the final resting position.

5.4. Contribution of the University towards the funeral:

• The University shall set up a fund on a yearly basis and determine the amount of money to be offered towards meeting student funeral.

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