Postgraduate and Research - Courses and Examination

Postgraduate and Research

Course Content

The course content will be in two parts:
1. A basic science course tailored to each discipline.

There are 10 approved biomedical science core courses for the specialist disciplines, plus ICT and Hospital Administration and Financial Management:
i. Anatomy.
ii. Biochemistry.
iii. Clinical Physiology.
iv. Microbiology/Immunology/Parasitology.
v. Pathology.
vi. Pharmacology.
vii. Biostatistics.
viii. Psychology.
ix. Epidemiology.
x. Research Methodology.
xi. ICT.
xii. Hospital Administration/Financial Management.

These will be taught primarily by Biomedical Science teachers; with emphasis on the necessary applied aspects, and shall be integrated with clinical subjects. Each clinical discipline shall choose an appropriate number of approved biomedical science core courses that they consider important, which must be passed by their residents. Students may also be required to attend selected topics in other biomedical science core courses run by the University, as directed by the relevant clinical discipline.

2. A theoretical and clinical portion of the discipline.

Part of this (2-4months) component will be elective period in the appropriate discipline to be done outside the HKMU.
Part of the prescribed course may be taken at an approved institution outside the HKMU provided that in each case the Senate’s approval is sought and the Faculty is satisfied that such an arrangement will fulfill all the regulations and requirements for this degree. The Senate’s approval will not be needed where it is specified in the regulations or curriculum that part of any course shall be taken at an approved institution outside the HKMU.

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