Postgraduate and Research - Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate and Research

Postgraduate Programmes

The University offers specialist programmes leading to the award of:

1. M.MED Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
2. M.MED General Surgery.
3. M.MED Internal Medicine.
4. M.MED Paediatrics.
5. Postgraduate Diploma (Obstetrics & Gynaecology).
6. Postgraduate Diploma (Paediatrics & Child Health).

Upon completion of Postgraduate training, the graduate should be able to:

i. Understand, practise, and offer high quality specialized medical care to his/her patients, based on current knowledge in basic and applied sciences.

ii. Analyze and relate, at an advanced level, medical and health care practice to the philosophy, purpose, policy and standards of the medical profession.

iii. Practise advanced and innovative leadership skills at the highest level within the political, social and health care systems.

iv. Teach and educate clients, staff and trainees of medical practice or otherwise; while conducting research, consuming and publishing research results and findings.

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