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Kairuki School of Nursing (KSN) formally known as Mikocheni School of Nursing is affiliated to the Faculty of Nursing of Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) and Kairuki Hospital. The School is fully registered by the National Council of Technical Education (NECTA), and is currently at the level of accreditation candidacy. The Kairuki School of Nursing aims to be a centre of national and international excellence in nursing research, education and practice development. The school is headed by the Principal, currently Ms. Elizabeth Kijugu, MPH (KIT), BScN (HKMU), RN(KCMC )who is the overall in charge of all academic and administrative issues of the school.

Vision: The vision of Kairuki School of Nursing is committed to become a vibrant nursing school, recognized nationally and internationally for its academic excellence.

Mission: The Mission of Kairuki School of Nursing is to train and produce graduates of the Certificate and Diploma in Nursing, equipped with quality education, capable to compete in the labor market. The mission will be accomplished using competence based curriculum.

Core Values: The School is guided by the following core values:

1) Excellence.
2) Integrity.
3) Accountability.
4) Professionalism.
5) Respect.

Location: KSN is located at Plot No. 322 Kairuki Road- Mikocheni area, Kinondoni district, some 7km from Dar es Salaam City centre. The school is housed in the same building with Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) and Kairuki Hospital (KH).

Accommodation: There is a hostel for male and female students opposite the existing main KH/HKMU building in Mikocheni. Alternative private accommodation is also available near the school. A variety of recreation facilities are also available. Supermarkets and banks are located within walking distance.

Teaching Hospital: Kairuki Hospital serves as the teaching hospital for KSN. The hospital has direct access to diagnostic and treatment facilities including, among others: a modern CT scanner, ultrasound and X- Ray Machines (fluoroscopy), operating theaters, and in and out patient facilities. Practical training is also carried out at Amana Hospital, Mwananyamala Hospital, Magomeni RCH clinic and at Muhimbili National Hospital, and through field studies, to give students further exposure to a wide range of patients and conditions.

The main objectives of this programme are to:

a) Form a carrier ladder in nursing profession practice, career advancement and more advance primary role for nursing management in health care service delivery.

b) Impart appropriate competence based knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to nursing practice in relation to reproductive, preventive and curative health care services in the community.

c) Steer creativity and innovativeness in response to challenges inherent in nursing practice and health care delivery.

d) Inculcate a culture of team work and build critical thinking and problem solving skills in nursing and health care practice.

e) Promote a good sense of citizenship, accountability and responsibility to graduates.

f) Stimulate life-long learning behavior for nurses and advancement of nursing profession.

g) Provide an international outlook of the learning content and context so as to widen learner’s advantages into regional and international labour markets.

KSN is offering you a unique opportunity to study with assurance that by the time you are graduating, you will be a graduate who is:

a) Well equipped with excellent education and training that will enable you to be responsive to the changing demands of life and work in the 21st century.

b) Has acquired more knowledge, skills and wider understanding in nursing and health care practice.

c) Innovative, creative and flexible nurse who will cope with the dynamic changes of the profession, technology and socio-economic needs.

d) ICT literate with entrepreneur skills

e) Have assimilated the highest ethical standards

f) Qualified to work in hospitals, dispensaries, health centres, and a number of different kinds of health institutions.

Courses offered under Kairuki School of Nursing are:

• Diploma in Nursing (Pre-Service).
• Diploma in Nursing (In-Service) though E-Learning.
• Certificate in Nursing and
• Midwifery Bridging Course.

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