Faculty of Medicine - Information on Clinical Rotations

Faculty of Medicine

Paediatrics and Child Health- MD 4 & MD5

1. Clerking of cases: Average of 30 cases during the whole rotation. This should include at least 2 cases per each common condition in paediatrics (Top Ten Diseases).

Students are required to have:
2. Calls: students are required to have timetable indicating days of being on call during the rotation. Calls are required to end at 10pm.
3. They are also required to undertake out patient duties.
4. Participate in vaccination exercise.
5. Participate in clinical presentation exercise. These are later graded as part of continuous assessment.
6. Attend lectures and bed side teaching sessions.
7. Sit for the end of rotation examinations, written/practical.

Students are required to undertake Practical Procedures as follows:

Laboratory investigations:
- HB, sickling test, P.C.V, Peripheral blood film, blood slide for malaria parasite, Urine microscopy and Stool microscopy.

Clinical Skills:
- Intravenous injection, Venupuncture, Scalp vein and intravenous infusion, Resuscitation: Cut down, Pleural tapping and Lumbar puncture.

Nursing Skills:
- Inserting of Nasal gastric tube, Tube feeding, Intra-muscular injection, Tuberculine test, Vaccination and Diet preparation.

Assessment and Evaluation:
- Formal CAT AND ESE
- The students will have a mid semester CAT and ESE in paediatrics and child health, which consists of written exam and clinical examination. No student shall pass the examination unless she/he has passed the clinical part of the examination.

The overall CA total (item 6 and 7) of 200% will contribute 40% of the final grade in the final University exam.

A. Overall total continuous assessment throughout the rotation, including everything i.e. active ward work participation, case presentation, case report, mini survey, tests etc. will form 40% of your final qualifying grade.

B. Final qualifying University examination will form 60% of the final grade.

C. 40% +60% =100%.

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