Faculty of Medicine - Guidelines for Elective Period

Faculty of Medicine

Guidelines for Elective Period of 4th year HKMU Students

1. The elective period will be undertaken at the end of 4th Year, during the long vacation, for a duration of 4 weeks (August / September).

2. The Elective period must be initiated and handled at department level, depending on the student’s area of interest. The overall co-ordination of the elective period activities will be the responsibility of the 4th
Year, MD Coordinator.

3. Each student should prepare his / her proposal in advance, which is focused on creating interest for future specialization, and submit it to the department. The department shall scrutinize the proposal
and determine whether the proposed area is acceptable.

4. Students are allowed to do their elective training in any district, regional, referral or teaching hospital in Tanzania or any approved hospital abroad.

5. Students shall choose themselves their area of interest, and consult their lecturers for advice and approval.

6. Students themselves should apply for posts to any recognized hospitals abroad, District Medical Officers (DMO’s), Regional Medical officers (RMO’s) or Directors concerned. The University shall provide
students with covering letters to introduce them to respective institutions.

7. Students, who wish to do their elective period abroad, have to make their own arrangements to obtain passports, visas etc. The university will provide them with official letters to support their requests.
However, students are advised to contact the host institutions before starting the process.

8. Students shall be responsible for their own financial needs during the whole elective period.

9. Students are required to submit to the relevant department (refer item 2 above) an elective period report before proceeding to the next semester of the following academic year.

10. Grading: The grading of the Elective period report, shall be the responsibility of two people, the supervisor, i.e. the one who has been supervising the student, and the department of Community Medicine. Eventually, all the reports and grades should be communicated or sent to the 4th Year Convener for record keeping. The 4th Year Convener also has a duty to make sure that all the MD4 students have completed their elective period, and that the submitted report is graded.

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