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HKMU 13th Graduation Ceremony

Prof. Keto Mshigeni Urged HKMU Graduands to Demonstrate Qualities of Excellence

Prof. Keto Mshigeni addressing Graduands at the 13th Graduation Ceremony

Chancellor Hon. Dr Salim Ahmed Salim Confering a Medical Doctor Degree one of the Graduands
The Vice Chancellor of Vice Chancellor of Hubert Kairuki Memorial University, Prof. Keto Elitabu Mshigeni, urged graduands to demonstrate qualities of excellence while serving their societies. Addressing the 13th Graduation ceremony of HKMU, held on 28th November 2015, at HKMU premises, Prof Mshigeni conveyed a special message of congratulations to all graduands on their individual and collective achievements, but also urged them to demonstrate qualities of excellence learnt while studying at HKMU.

The Vice Chancellor urged the graduands to take and keep all that they have learnt at HKMU, to be a true light in the society, to understand that education has no end and that they should keep on search for new knowledge every day. Moreover, he urged them to love their profession, and to be creative and demonstrate standards of excellence.

"As you receive degrees, diplomas, and certificates bearing the name, Hubert Kairuki Memorial University, and as you go out to serve society, our expectation is that you will demonstrate these qualities, and also be characterised by each of the desirable attributes and virtues, that we have shared with you during our various interactions and consultations'', emphasized the Vice Chancellor.

While marking the 13th Graduation ceremony, the Chancellor of HKMU Hon. Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim, conferred degrees, and awarded diplomas and certificates to a total of 154 graduands. Among the 154 graduands, 104 were females, and 50 were males. Females comprised 68% of all the graduands, while males comprised only 32%.

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