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Word from the Vice Chancellor

Prof. Charles S. Mgone

Among the factors that attracted me to join Hubert Kariuki Memorial University (HKMU) are its mission and core values. In the mission of liberally and broadly educating men and women to advance knowledge frontiers through research, consultancy and advisory services to the public, I saw a proactive education system that is geared to develop individuals that will be best suited to serve their communities. More importantly it is easy to see that through research, such service will be dynamic, adaptable and optimisable to ensure fitness for the purpose. Embedded in this mission are the university core values of Professionalism; Excellence; Adaptability; Competitiveness; and Partnership. These values are observed at all levels of the ‘learning and service’ chain, from studentship to professorial ranks including supporting staff.


HKMU calls for proficiency and respectability within the society and expects everyone involved with the institution to adhere to the highest ethical standards. These elements are imparted to both our students and workers.

The university is fully committed to excel in all its endeavours. This includes in the recruitment of students, faculty and administrative staff, as well as in the delivery of all its services and provision of enablers. In our desire to maintain high standards and remain ahead of the curve, the university is in the process of building an ultra-modern campus in Boko with state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities. The expansion to the Boko Campus, besides increasing our intake of students will also broaden our footprint allowing us to take up other disciplines in health sciences in addition to the current ones. The current courses that are taught at HKMU include Doctor of Medicine, Master of Medicine, Master of Science in Public Health, Master of Social Work, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing, Certificate in Nursing, Certificate in Wholistic Therapeutic Counselling and Doctorate of Philosophy.

In response to the current rapid changes in development, the university puts a lot of emphasis on modern technology and teaching methodologies. Some of the courses are conducted through e-learning. This includes a web-based programme for handing out and marking class assignments including performance analysis in terms of results distribution and the time taken to complete the assignments. We also have a very efficient e-library of learning books and journal articles.

Like with all other institutional values, the university not only ensures a high level of competitiveness in its all undertakings, but inculcates the same ethos among its students. HKMU alumni are expected to stand out and be shining examples in the community they serve. Responsible citizenship. This was demonstrated to me within my first week of taking up the vice chancellorship. Hardly had I settled in my chair, when I was asked to accompany a group of students to the Kinondoni Municipality offices in Dar es Salaam to deliver desks for a local primary school. Spearheaded by Mr. Lekton Moris a second-year medical student at HKMU, the students on their own initiative had decided to raise funds and commission 10 desks for primary school children. In their speech, they noted that having been through the pain and hardship of sitting on the floor in their earlier schooling years, they thought enough was enough and needed to make a change in their only way they could acclomplished this - raising funds to enable purchasing of the desks. Hardly had I taken in this inspirational story, when I learned of Malkia wa nguvu.

This is the story of Ms Juliana Busasi, a fourth-year HKMU medical student. Juliana is a founding chairperson of Tanzania Health and Medical Education Foundation (TAHMEF), an NGO that was established and is run by a group of HKMU students with the purpose of conducting medical screening programme in the communities. They have to date screened for diseases in Bagamoyo, Bukumbi and Dar es Salaam, conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and several hospitals. This underpins the fact that the concept of partnership (one of our values) is well-grounded in our students. TAHMEF’s new venture is to empower village women to have health insurance, initially through a seed fund raised by the students themselves and eventually to assist the women in saving money to run the scheme in a sustainable way.

HKMU strongly believes in partnerships within the institution and with other stakeholders. Being a small family, out of necessity we strongly cultivate the culture of interdisciplinary activities, decision-making and governance. We also foster collaboration with other partners in many areas including research, joint teaching and colloquia. In teaching, for instance we often use expertise and facilities from others’ hospitals and research institutions to optimise the learning experience of our students and staff.

Through these values, we live our university motto, which is ‘HKMU for a Brighter Future’ – but we should remember the future begins now.

Professor Charles Stephen Mgone, MD MMed PhD FRCP.

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