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Kairuki Hospital celebrates Silver Jubilee

The Mission Mikocheni Health and Education Network (MMHEN) and especially the Mikocheni Hospital is set to hold 25 years of service. The celebrations will be on March 16th, this year and held at Mikocheni, 322 Regent Estate, Migombani Street where the Hospital is located.

According to Chief Executive Officer, Dr Asser Mchomvu, that is going to be the most important event to the MMEHN workers, their business partners, friends and their customers at large.

Dr Mchomvu said apart from the celebrations, they will as well use the event to tell the audience about their history of where they came from, where they are and their future plans.

“We are going to use this moment to tell everybody about our well being as in our history from where we came from, where we are and where we are heading to and our future plans,” said Dr Mchomvu

He added that other important issues to be done that day will be launching of the e-medical health system (e-MHS) a modern way system of computerization of attending and keeping the patient’s records. The event will also award those who were born at Kairuki Hospital in 1987, awarding those who helped the establishment of Kairuki Hospital in 1987 including the Former President, Ali Hassan Mwinyi.

Another thing will be the MMEHN chairman giving a special award to President Kikwete to recognize his contribution on improving the health of mothers and children in Tanzania and Africa continent as a whole.

Dr Mchomvu also mentioned the launching of new classrooms and hostel for students, the ones that were built using the cheap loan from Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) and the aid from Global Fund through the Ministry of Health.

Currently the hospital attends 10,000 to 12,000 patients per month, has 150 beds to admit patients, now it admits 2000 to 2100 patients per month, maternity hospital gets between 100 and 120 births. It does major surgeries of between 200 and 240 per month and the hospital has employed 300 people of different professions who are the manpower of Kairuki Hospital and indirect employment of more than 1,000 people.

Kairuki hospital provide its services to individuals, national organizations, different institutions and others also members of various Health Insurances like NHIF, AAR, STRATEGIS, JUBILEE INSURANCE, MOMENTUM, NIC, PHOENIX OF TANZANIA ASSURANCE COMPANY LTD, RESOLUTION INSURANCE (T) LTD, MIREMBE INSURANCE.

The hospital was founded on March 17th, 1987 by its founder late Hubert Kairuki, it started by the name TAG Mikocheni Hospital and later named Mission Mikocheni Hospital.

It started in a normal family house with some of 30 beds, 3 doctors, 8 nurses, 1 receptionist and 10 support staff.

Ten years later they established the Hubert Kairuki Memorial University to honor the good memories of the Hospital’s founder Hubert Kairuki who died two years after the hospital’s establishment.

Although they went through hard times including inflation that disturbed a lot the running costs of the hospital, they manage to reach where they are today and one can see how well the hospital plus the University are doing.

In future the MMHEN is expecting to construct a six storey Maternity Centre to offer various medical services with installed helicopter port at the roof to provide more quality emergency services to its customers. The Network envisions keeping on employing as many professionals as they can and training more medical personnel.

Source: Written by Sidi Mgumia

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